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Lite 92.7 - The Best Music, the Fewest Commercials

Lite927 is a website dedicated to Californian based radio stations. Lite927 was one of the several based in California but the station had its own uniqueness and appeal to those who wished to listen to the latest local and continental hits.

Lite 92.7, now known as Jill FM, is a radio station that broadcasts from the studios situated in Thousand Oaks in California, a location that is slightly northwest of the “City of Angels”, Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley.

Unlike many of the other websites dedicated toward music radio stations, Lite927 is not only a website for 92.7 fm, but is also a vast resource of information related to local and web radio stations based in California. Here there are numerous resources listing all the radio stations in California, as well as a list of radio stations across the United States sorted state wise and also other lists pertaining to links of internet radio stations so visitors have links at hand to listen to every radio station available to them at their fingertips in their web browser.

If that’s not enough, take a look into the games section where you will find a number of interesting flash based games for your entertainment. Right now, there are games like Dancing Queen, Weezer Jam Session and Sonic Boom Town and more will follow as time passes. You can help the website grow by adding to the resources any links that you feel our visitors could benefit from which is relevant to our site. So, what are you waiting for, all the latest information on Californian radio stations and games all in one convenient place, enjoy.